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Daycare (6 weeks - 2 year - olds)

In our 6 weeks to 2 year old area we will introduce a word a day to the children to help build their vocabulary and understanding of the world God has created around us. We will also have an activity that ties in with our word. We are teaching our children Bible verses, songs and stories. Yes, even our One-year olds are walking down the hallways saying their verses. We also teach our children the importance of prayer. We pray and thank God before we have our food and we will also have prayer time throughout the day. All of our children will play outside (weather permitting) on age appropriate play equipment within large natural areas to get all their wiggles out. We also have a gym area that can be utilized in the event of inclement weather. 


Our preschool consists of our 3K (3-4 yrs olds) and our 4K (4-5 yr olds) departments. We do follow the school calendar cut off so to be in our 3K your child must be 3 by August 31st or 4 by August 31st to enter our 4K. We use the ABEKA curriculum in our preschool department. ABEKA focuses on phonic concepts, number concepts, counting, writing and scissors skills. They will also have a language development unit, which is a word a day that will teach them different things about the world that God has created. We start our day with our pledges and then go into our Bible story. Both groups are working on memory Bible verses and praying throughout the day and before eating meals. Both age groups have large playgrounds with age appropriate play equipment and natural areas, so they have plenty of space and time to run around and get their wiggles out! We also have a gym area that can be utilized in the event of inclement weather.

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